"The Presence of Her Essence, is a Veil beyond the Immeasurable and is a Source of Eternal Light.

It is the Purest Emanation of Energies from the Higher Worlds gifting us this Energy Experience. 

So as Freedom is chosen upon this Earth, nothing else, other than Love & Light shall Exists."

In Beloved and Glorious Honor to My Mother ... as she has Lived Her Life in Purity, Wholeness and the Sacred Divine Feminine. 

"Your Beauty brings me to my Knees" 

A Mother of Light indeed!!!

The Return of the

    Divine Feminine

​​         ~ The Return of the Divine Feminine ~

As the world is Awakening to the greater Knowledge and Wisdom of Light, it is in the wonderment of Life itself, that we may be Released from bondage of lower elemental forces that have held us for so long. 
We have gathered to help align the earth plane away from negative karma, and its exterior pain of old experiences. 

As the Divine Feminine Energy is Returning in this Awakening, it will inherit a greater Trust as Truths are Revealed

As Co-Creators, we are Weaving a Web of Wonderment into Mother Earth for Her Healing.  As the world is Maturing and Evolving, it is the Divine Feminine Spark of Illuminated Love and Light that brings forth our Remembrance of the Sophia-Consciousness, as an Aspect of Pureness and Peace.

The Return of the Divine Feminine is within  Everything.  Its Living Light streamlines and defines those willing to Receive.  Even to those opposed, there is a Light from within as an original light Seed, that shall never die.  It is up to the entity to reveal this Feminine quality as a Quintessential attribute to thyself. 

As old cycles of past are Released, The Return of the Divine Feminine is Increased.​​

The Presence of Her Essence 

Om Shanti
Oh Divine Beings of Love
We Call upon Your Golden Light
With fullest Protection as we are Awakened.
We ask the Divine Mother to Grace us with Her Love,
as Our New Earth is Revealed.  As the Golden Gateway Opens
Let us waltz within the 
Entrance of the DivineDoorway its Reveal.
One will be entered through the Collective and Co-Creativeness
from the Keys of this Sacred Heart's Chamber to All That Is.
In this Pivotal Position we are Now Prepared, for we are
Now Gathered, and we are Now Remembering Our
Beginning of the Truest and Most Sacred
Love through the Heart of the I Am.
Sacred Blessings to You
Mother Ma Mother
I Am I Am I Am







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