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Mary's Morning Messages


The Colorful Canvas

The JOY Meter

"​If you wonder what's Next . . .

You may miss what's in front

of you right Now" ​

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Mary's Morning Message

I AM Everything

​​​The Baker Woman

“Self-Accountability . . .

is the Stability to Life’s Balance”

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"The Longer it takes ~ 


the more Patience one Creates" 

Do You Hear What I Hear?



The Gift of Patience


"Stillness Activates Inner Peace"

"Solving the problem instead of Avoiding it 

Will result with Resolution"

A Cosmic Flush

​The Key of Self-Release

Trust the Parachute and Jump!

The 3/11 Energetic Gateway

​Red Tail Hawk - Animal Totem

“Letting go of Expectations ~

Increases the ability to Receive”

Change or Challenge

Letting Go . . .

From the Seed . . .  life shall Blossom with New

Growth of Greater Opportunities, in this New Garden being Sown.

"I Am Listening to Listen
Listening to Respond"

"Until it is Something . . . it is Nothing"

Inspirational Quotes  

​                         by Mary Martin

Mary's Morning Messages

Steering Through the Sea of Life

Life is a Like a Teeter Totter

Positive Change

Open the Cage

"You're never Fully Dressed . . .

Until You Smile" 

"In Moments of Chaos . . .

Be the Spectator ~ Not the Spectacle"

Nature's Portrait of Love

If the Path You are Walking, is complicated by those you are Following,
then Let Go . . . and Lead thyself.