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“Future alone does not dictate what will happen; rather how we as a Collective and Conscious group of beings will Create it"

Spiritual Teachings

We have all come to this Earth Plane for a reason.  We are all here to Live and Learn Lessons.  We are all Students and Teachers.  We each have our own Unique Path and Purpose in the Provisions in which we Choose to Create. 

In the Spiritual Teachings of Life's Lessons, we have been a Student for a long time.  As each class of Earth School has awakened one to a higher Degree, one may choose to become Free from lost time.  When one leaves this body to ascend to different realms of existence, is when one begins to Find the Missing Pieces of the Puzzled Embodiment.

It will take Dedication and Commitment to learn this Mastery of Self-Realization.   The Human is a Frequency of Matter, and Light becomes the thoroughfare to the Divine Deity.  Discernment is Cognizance and an Achievement to one’s Mastery.

Deep within this Universe, is something you may not see with the physical eye ~ Free-Space of Infinite Love and Light.  We know it is there, as it is Widening from within our own Soul’s-Spirit.  As the Curtain of Christ Consciousness opens more and more, it is within the fullness of the Omnipresenceenergy that is a continual flow of light merging into the body, mind and spirit of our beings.  

We become liberated and free, open to expand our hearts and minds to even greater experiences of what is here in the Presence of the now, rather in a continual search for our future.  Through intentions, decrees and affirmations, we have come to Receive.

Nothing we have done is a failure.  Everything is part of the Lessons of Learning, and a yearning for moving into One light, One love.