Messages of Audible Activations 

 A Visual Representation of Light Language 

From the Seed . . .  life shall Blossom with New

Growth of Greater Opportunities, in this New Garden being Sown.

Light Language - Sacred Sounds and Encoded Messages of Light

 Messages of Enlightenment and Awareness 

#1 Faith

~ Library of Living Light ~

Here within are Mp4 Messages, Meditations and Media created to bring forth Activations to the Embodiment’s System, to assist in ones Spiritual Awareness, Awakening and the Ascension Process. 

These Codes of Harmonics streamline a loving energy for those willing to receive an Illuminating Reflection of Living Light.  

These Songs are of Sacred Tones, Chants, and Hand-Mudras producing a Free-Flowing narrative representation of a Universal Language of Light.  The Harmonics are brought forth from the Imagery of Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Colors, Numbers and Light Frequency, and instantly begin a Synchronic Infusion choreographed by the Source of Oneness and the Angelic-Celestial Orchestra. The Intonements begin to create an Electromagnetic Field of Frequency reverberating the Hertz of Harmonics from the Language of Light. 

The following Videos are Audible and Visual Presentations, delivered and interpreted in a representation of Divine Messages, through Harmonic Intonements of Living Light.   The Colors, Sounds and Coded-Imagery begin to create an influx of Enlightening Energy, which may stimulate and open the Embodiment’s system to Receive Healings, Clarity, Serenity and Balance.  These Harmonic Intonements of Light Frequency offer a Positive and Uplifting Experience, in assistance and loving guidance to the Receiver.  

The Mixture of Intonements, are an unscripted and unedited formulation of Natural Living Light.  Its free-flowing Energy is in a continual motion and of a spherical movement, stimulated by the Light Field Frequency of Simplicity.    The rhythm of Light Language and the vibration it produces, pulsates and stimulates an awakening to the sleeping cells of the Embodiments System, that may offer an assistance of healing and spiritual advancements in one’s awakening process.

If your Mind does not understand what is being Reviewed, please Receive these Harmonic Intonements, with a trusting, open and receptive Heart, as your Soul’s Spirit already knows and has discerned the ability to assimilate as Received.  

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Coded Frequencies

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#2 Forest