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​​​​​13MMM13 ~ Provides a Plethora of Services to Help others Help themselves, to Assist and Serve others to Remember who they are and why they are here.  As well as Teaching Tools that provide Educational Experiences by assisting in the Awakening of their Spiritual Self, and in the unfolding of the Ascension process.  As a Human Vessel, we are Energy.  And Every Day we use this Energy-Fuel in the Experiences of our day-to-day Lives. 

An Energy Experience is Energy Healing on all levels of the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.   The Energy Experience works on an Energetic Level of our being.  When Energy Activations occur, the subtle bodies also begin to stabilize and co-correct imbalances or deficiencies of the Embodiment’s System.  

The Energy Experiences are Alive and Full of Light-Frequency.  They provide the ability to flush the Old Dormant Energy of the 3-D System, that can no longer sustain or remain within the Embodiment, while in the conversion process of the 5-D Light Body.  

Energy Experiences are an energetic Reboot to Remember, Release, Repair, Re-align, and Receive, while Calibrating and Encoding the Cellular Makeup.  It helps to detoxify the old energetic system, cleanse impurities of the past, and creates an illuminated restructuring on a cellular level to withstand the New Light Body Experience.   

Healings begin to occur, when

in the Alignment of the Higher-Self.

​​Education of the Soul ~  

We provide Spiritual Education in the Services of Self Help.  Activating and Empowering the Embodiment, helps one to Remember and Receive.  As the Soul’s Spirit begins to Remember and Awaken, the Path of Purpose that one has been in search for, is already being lived out.  It’s within the Soul’s Spirit, where one lives in Righteousness, Quality and Empowerment, as an Energy Experience.  


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