Prayer Requests 

Stillness activates inner peace

Prayer is the Practice of bringing forth the Light of Source through Hope, Healings and Answers from that of what is asked of. We would like to Pray for you and with you.  Whatever your prayer need is, please find peace of mind, that you are not alone. Your Prayer request is of sacred trust, and is kept confidential.  There is never a charge for this service.  Praying with you, permeates an energy throughout the universe, sending powerful energetic transmissions to you and your loved one, increasing the success of these prayers being prayed for.   

Please send us your Prayer Request for ~ a General Prayer, a Loved One who is Sick or Dying, Emotional trauma, Pet or Animal, Nature, Events, Addictions, Healing (of any type), for Family and Friends, or whatever prayers you would like to ask of.   

May you Be Blessed and Enriched with the Light of Love. 

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