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Message ~

The world is magically changing at a breath-taking rate. We are being Fueled by a Golden Light streamlining us every day, and every night. It is time to really Turn-it-up a Notch and Tune-In to feel this immense light, Activating and Awakening us during this Acsensional process.


The Transmission-Activation's ~

The Divine Mother has announced our Next Reveal, and that is to Expose the Energy deep within the Seven Seals.
She is asking us to Self-Commit and give-back into ourselves, that of what we have given so much to other, thus creating Balance in this New Beginning.
We will Continue the process of Connecting the Codes that define the Beauty from within, as to obtain and begin to Wear these Codes as a Cloak of Consciousness. 


Highlight Recap ~

7 Light Language Activation's for the Seven Seals
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We are So Blessed to be the Receivers of this Sacred Energy, from Experiences that we are Crafting and Creating.

May you be Given the opportunity to be risen into this Golden Emergence and Reap the Benefits and Rewards of Life in Light.

And So, it Is.

Complete LLA Package 


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​​Light Language Activation    1st    Seal     Root
Light Language Activation    2
nd    Seal    Sacral   
Light Language Activation    3
rd    Seal    Solar Plexus
Light Language Activation    4
th    Seal    Heart
Light Language Activation    5
th    Seal    Throat  
Light Language Activation    6
th    Seal    Pineal   

Light Language Activation    7th    Seal    Crown  

Individual LLA   2nd Seal


Individual LLA   1st Seal


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Light Language Activation Series

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Individual LLA   7th Seal


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