Ascended Masters 

The Ascended Masters ~  

Spiritually Enlightened Beings, once lived as mere mortals, and have undergone a process of Spiritual Transformation, and Raised into their Ascended Light-Bodies.   They now Serve the Spiritual needs of Humanity and All that Is.

The Ascended Master is One whom has raised his/her vibration to a sustained frequency of love and light.  The ego-self has surrendered, and the I Am Self is aligned with the Source-Intelligence that resides within, All that Is.  One who has completed all Negative Karma, and has Embodied as Christ-Light and Love of Oneness. 

A being transformed into pureness of the soul, love and compassion, and in an illuminated state of being.  One who is able to come and go at free will from the depths of earth to the highest of universal planes.   An Ascended Master lives within Freedom, and is a Liberated Soul.   These beings are Masters of Past, Present and Future Wisdom.   

There are many, many Ascended Masters whom come together to help humans, animals and all living bring Peace, Light and Love.  These Ascended Masters are Spiritual Guides that Support, Guide and Assist us in the Awakening of the Divine Mastery Plan.   They once walked among the earth plane, and have come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creed, pauper and of great wealth, recognizable as some, and yet among the common are other.  They are Entities of Living Light.

Ascended Masters are of a Christ-Coded-Conscious-Connectivity to all walks of life.  They assist in the welfare of mankind and the great universe, As Above, So Below. 

Calling upon these Masters is a tool to gain a Self-Realization, Self-Knowledge and to Nurture the Essence of bringing forth the New Age of Love and Light.

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