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Participants/Students are still raving about their Energy Experiences.  They are still receiving the New Energy and being uploaded and coded through the many Angels who greeted them during their Journey.  It's NEVER too late to Receive.    

Message ~

The world is Magically changing at a breath-taking rate.  We are being Fueled by a Golden Ray that provides us with Hope and Happiness as we continue into the Age of a New Dawn. This Golden Ray is of the 12th Ray of Creation and is the highest frequency drawn from the Divine Source into Earth’s Plane of Existence.  Its Golden Ray holds a Divine and Spiritual Power, Emanating 7 Rays of Light into Humanity a Christed-Consciousness of Oneness, for soul healing and spiritual growth.   Connecting with the Golden Ray is also a Connection with the Central Sun, connecting you to the highest aspect of your Soul and Spirit which resides in the One Aspect to all that is.  ​


The Angelic Activation-Transmissions ~

As we continue to Activate, Awaken and Ascend, we can feel this New Energy pouring into us, like an afternoons Summer Rain Shower, Bathing and Blessing our Bodies.   
With Great Excitement, the Angels Assemble in August.  

There has always been a great Assembly of the Angelic Presence watching over us since the beginning. 

As they Appear, they will Beam their Light Emanations into earth and humanity.  This “Special Angelic Appearance” will Hover and Hold its Light for these 7-Days in August.   It’s like a Craft Hovering above you, and being Angelically Aligned through your Crown Chakra.  A Cylindrical Column of Light will remain there for these 7 Days as you meditate and pray to receive.  


Participation of the 7AA's

Participation is completely REMOTE and in your own Personal Space and Time.  You will receive the FULL SET of audio activation transmissions, and all you have to do is, simply relax and receive when you are ready.    

IF you are unable to partake in the Meditation each day, it is ok…you can still RECEIVE this REMOTE Energy Experience when you are ready.  Time is irrelevant to this Experience, giving you the ability to participate when you can.

The 7AA is a Sacred-Experience drawn from the Energy of these Light Emanations, also known as the Angelic Assembly. 



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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!     Rainbow of colors like star bursts. 


Thank you thank you thank you!  Thank you, please bring me more, how does it get any better than this? 

My heart is so full!  Bless you dearest love for your gifts of love and service to the world. I am in awe of the blessings I have received from you and thank you with the deepest levels of my soul. 

WOW. OH.  WOW !!  That was a powerful meditation.  A’Ho 🙏❤️💕✨🕊🌈🌀🌟👼 

This was felt wholeheartedly. I fell asleep during it last night and replayed it this morning and got chills on chills. THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! 

There are no words to describe this activation other than WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  I AM so honored to be a part of this​  


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